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Mongrel: Son of a Bitch

Review by : Daniel Kraevyn

Mongrel: Son of a Bitch

Issue #2 cover

Created By: Edward Dunphy and Michael Kudelka
Story By: Edward Dunphy (here is his website: www.labbratz.com)
Art: Andrew Mitchell Kudelka (and his website: www.amkudelka.com)

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Werewolf stories are very hit or miss, mostly belonging in the latter category. In all honesty, most of them suck, which is an unfortunate thing, as one would think that the mythos would be rife with stories that would write themselves. I guess one of the traps that practically every werewolf story falls into is that they all struggle to capture the feelings of the original Wolf Man film. Many movies, books, and comics have tried to craft a good werewolf story, and most have failed, although there have been some exceptions (notably, the first Howling film, and the Werewolf television series). Perhaps trying to capture this ubiquitous “feeling” is the very thing that leads most lycanthrope stories to vapid response.
Enter Mongrel: Son of Bitch, an indy comic by Edward Dunphy and Andrew Mitchell Kudelka. According the preface, Mongrel was originally written in the early 90’s but due to complications (read: long story of company troubles) the other two issues never saw the light of day. Now, it has been revised, colorised, and with the help of kickstarter, the first two issues are out, and the third is currently seeking funding.
This is a 1990’s era detective story, and I must say, one of the better lycanthrope tales to be released. The mood is evocative of a noir tale, the gruff monologue of a protagonist, interspersed with alternative narratives; yet the comic is injected with a modern, gritty, visceral feel. As with comics, pacing can be tedious, but this story overcomes any issues quickly. Of note: the gore. The violence is spectacular, and witholds nothing, and Kudelka shows his artistic prowess by how he is able to pose his characters, along with a very artistic and original of showing the blood splatter outside of the panels. While “nothing” is happening (no action), the characters pose normally; then the action sequences shine as Kudelka displays the sequences with precision and dramatic flare. I must also note that the werewolves themselves are awesome. I will say that perhaps the greatest challenge to werewolf movies has been to have truly scary, realistic werewolves, and Mongrel does just as the movie Dog Soldiers and the T.V. series Werewolf did for the Lycanthropes, they are fantastic.
Mongrel is a three-issue digital comic, with two issues out, and the third in it’s funding stage on Kickstarter. I recommend this read, and even to support these guys. Indy comics need all the help they can get, because there are some gems out there. I will include links below should you wish to get involved. At least read them, and enjoy a good werewolf story. As I prefaced this review, good werewolf stories are tough to come by, so be sure to experience the good ones.

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Our latest review comes in the form of a horror short by Peter Dukes. The Beast is a werewolf movie about a father’s internal struggle with his boy’s affliction. So what makes it stand out? Well for a start the movie stars our King of Horror – Bill Oberst Jr! If that wasn’t enough to make you jump at the opportunity, there’s more…

It has a great soundtrack, brilliant acting (obviously…) and builds great suspense in such a short space of time. Now there are a few downfalls which is primarily due to their lack of budget. But seeing as they shot this all in one day, they have got to be commended for that!

Now ordinarily we show a trailer for you to make up your own minds as to whether you want to go and buy it. But not today…

Today we show you the FULL movie as it’s free to watch by anyone! Check it out and then spread the word to your friends. Independent film-makers need you more than anything else.

Hope you enjoy


If you want to find out more about Peter Dukes or his company, visit the links below




Today’s post will be on a horror fanatic who we deeply respect here at Erebus Horror.

Zoe Humphries is an artist whose skills include; acrylics, pen and ink, and pencil drawings as well as sculptures! As far as we’re concerned, her work is unparalleled! Don’t believe us? Check out a few examples below and you will see what we mean.




Outstanding right?

However, we have to be honest with you guys – there’s something we haven’t told you about Zoe… Not only is she a highly skilled artist when it comes to paper, canvas and clay – She is also a special effects artist!

I think it goes without saying that this lady’s efforts deserve a bit of recognition! Not only is she producing high quality works for sale (we’ll come to that in a minute) but she is rapidly progressing in the world of special effects as well!

As you know we like to publicize individuals who are making a difference in the world of horror, but we are not exaggerating in the slightest when we say the following; pretty soon, Zoe Humphries could be Britain’s answer to Tom Savini!

A big statement to make? Check out her blog http://britzombiegirlartblog.wordpress.com/ and you will see why we would make such an outrageous claim.

Okay so I’m assuming almost all of you will have clicked on Zoe’s blog now and are dying to purchase some of her work. Don’t worry, we’ll hook you up!

Zoe is currently selling special edition prints on Etsy at a VERY reasonable price. However, these great bargains may not remain so for much longer… If I was you, I’d get them while they’re good and cheap before the prices sky-rocket! Once Zoe is an established, well-known horror icon (which won’t be long at all in our humble opinion) this horror memorabilia will be on sale for ten times this amount.

Not only are you purchasing a great horror print (Could frame it and put it in your living room for all to view!) But you also receive a Certificate of Authentication (Could frame that as well if you want…)

Go to http://www.etsy.com/shop/Britzombiegirl?ref=pr_shop  to buy a limited edition print. You won’t be sorry.