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Written by Macauley Jones

The Lost Boys has got to be one the best vampire movies of the 80s. Maybe even of ALL TIME! (Well, for me at least). The Lost Boys holds a lot of nostalgia for most of us and I’m sure, like me, you’ve watched it plenty of times. But, one thing that’s always bugged me is how ambiguous that ending is! Ever since I was hit with the punchline that precedes the closing credits, my mind was in overdrive!

The remainder of this article is riddled with spoilers. But, seeing as most people have seen The Lost Boys ending you should be cool to read on. If you haven’t, WHY?! Stop reading and GO WATCH IT!!!

A lot of fans will be aware that The Lost Boys ending could have been entirely different. There was a scene at the end of the movie that never saw the light of day. But that’s not what I’m referring to. However, just so we’re all up to speed, here’s the original screenplay for you to have a read over.

Sounds cool, right? But, because Grandpa’s punchline was so impactive, Schumacher et al. decided that this scene wasn’t necessary and it was never filmed.

Now, back to my theory.

As a teenager watching the end sequence I always thought it was a bit peculiar. Grandpa walking into the darkness, heading over to the fridge. Not really bothered that he’s just drove his car through his house and destroyed the head vampire. He just wants his ‘root beer’. He takes a swig and says “One thing about Santa Carla I never could stomach; all the damn vampires.” and that’s it! The end?! I genuinely thought it was going in another direction. I was almost certain that Grandpa was going to be a vampire too! And do you know what? I still think he might be!

Hear me out…

Lost boys grandpa - quickmeme

We first meet Grandpa at the beginning of the movie when he’s ‘playing dead’, yes? Well, maybe he isn’t just pretending. As we see later in the movie, those who have not fully turned lose their energy in the sun, but don’t burn. Starr, Michael, Laddie, all three of them can’t stay awake after being exposed to the sun’s rays. Maybe Grandpa is the same. Went outside to check if Lucy and her kids had arrived, felt faint and went for a snooze. What if Grandpa, like Michael, hasn’t fully turned into a vampire yet…

Don’t worry, I got more!

Later we learn that Michael can’t stand the light and has to wear sunglasses to alleviate the pain. Well, so does Grandpa! He plays it off by implying he’s only wearing them because he ‘got lucky’. But, what if he wears them because, like Michael, the light hurts his eyes. Throughout the movie we only really see Grandpa inside or driving to the Widow Johnson’s house at dusk. True, there’s a scene when he’s repairing a fence post outside during the day, but maybe he’d just had a ‘root beer’ and was feeling energetic.

And, speaking of his ‘root beers’…

The Lost Boys

Grandpa is very specific that the second shelf in the fridge is his. He states “That’s where I keep my root beer and my double-thick Oreo cookies.” But, when we see him drink one at the end, the liquid looks curiously red. Now, that may be down to the red lighting in the room. Or, it could be blood! We see Grandpa drinking his ‘root beers’ quite a few times in the movie. Maybe he’s just an old goat that likes a tipple. Or, maybe he’s trying to keep the bloodlust away by drinking the crimson life fluid! Where would he get blood, you ask? He’s got a room full of dead animals…

The Lost Boys

My theory – Upon moving to Santa Carla, Grandpa somehow turned into a vampire (I still haven’t figured that out yet…) But, rather than give in to his bloodlust and kill (thus turning him into a full vampire) he alleviates it by drinking animal blood. The Lost Boys lore states that you only become a full vampire after you’ve “made your first kill”. Maybe Grandpa refuses to kill people. He keeps the blood cool in the fridge to keep it fresher for longer. But, since blood has a shelf life, he has to keep replacing it. Hence, the taxidermy cover!

We never see Grandpa in front of a mirror, he doesn’t seem the church-going type and how did he know to burst through the wall in a sea of stakes anyway?! Was it just good luck? Or did his vampiric senses help him see/hear that his family were in danger?

Is the big twist of The Lost Boys ending really that Grandpa knew about vampires all along? My teenage brain couldn’t accept that. For me, Grandpa IS a vampire!

What do you think about The Lost Boys ending? Are there any points to counter Macauley’s claim? Can you think of anything else to support it?

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Sunset Horror

Written by Lunar Ponyo

From Michael Myers creeping around the sides of houses, hiding dead bodies at night, to Lights Out which plays on our fears of the unknown in the dark, horror movies are intertwined with the darkness more than any other genre of film. This makes sense, after all, our natural survival instinct is being scared of what we don’t know, and the dark is the ultimate unknown. But, an underappreciated aspect of light that’s used in some of the greatest horror movies to great effect, is sunrises/sunsets.

If the night represents the unknown, the terrifying, the omni-present dread, then the sunrise/sunset represents security, the peaceful, the beautiful. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we always see sunrises/sunsets at the beginning and ending of horror films. Sunsets are used at the beginning of a film to represent the night creeping in and taking away the security; the calm before the storm.

The sunrise used at the end of horror films represents an escape of some kind. An escape from the darkness, an evil. For example, hopping on a pickup truck and riding into the sunrise to escape Leatherface wielding a chainsaw.

(Pictured: Final Scene of Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

A perfect example of the use of sunsets in horror is the 1977 Japanese classic Hausu. This horror movie incorporates sunsets more than once. I feel the use of them in Hausu is supposed to represent the still, subtle beauty shown in the beginning of the movie. This is to contrast the chaotic, loud horror that the characters find themselves in later in the movie when the shit hits the fan (notice when said shit hits said fan and goes completely ape shit it’s at night).

(Pictured: One of the first scenes in Hausu)

Even resident dark dweller Michael Myers himself has a sunset before he strikes, accompanied by an ominous skull in the trees. 

(Pictured: Scene of Michael Myers stalking Laurie Strode)

There’s already natural beauty to sunsets/sunrises and horror filmmakers throughout the decades have utilized that aesthetic to great effect. Whether that be to rip the light away from the sky or bring security to the final girl. They represent a transitory period which, in itself, is just as haunting as the light from the moon or a hook to the face. 

(Pictured: Bram Stoker’s Dracula)

I’ve always felt that if something is so unbelievably tranquil then it has to be followed with chaos – the yin and yang of the sun and the moon. It transports us to an almost altered reality right before slamming us down into the brutalness of the night. As the sun rises and the sunbeams bleed out over the horizon, so do the victims of a sharp kitchen knife. Long live sunset/sunrise horror, or at least until the sunlight vaporizes us away like Nosferatu.

What do you think of the article? Can you think of any other movies that use sunsets/ sunrise to create an atmosphere? Let us know on FacebookTwitterInstagram or in the comments below!

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Hawk and Rev: Vampire Slayers

Reviewed by Mike Macabre

Anyone who knows me will testify to my love of the 80’s. The camp, cheesy effects and the synth-tastic soundtracks just give me a buzz. I mean, after watching indie fave Knock Knock I was riding the nostalgia train for weeks! 80’s cheese AND comedy? I’ll take that all day long. Imagine my delight when I discovered Hawk and Rev: Vampire Slayers had all of that AND more!

The horror/comedy, starring Ryan Barton-Grimley, Ari Schneider, Jana Savage, and Richard Gayler, is currently making its world premiere at the Dances with Films film festival in Los Angeles. But, we got a sneak peek of the flick and let me tell you – Festival-goers will NOT be disappointed!

Hawk and Rev: Vampire Slayers


Philip “HAWK” Hawkins doesn’t just dream about killing vampires… He eats, sleeps, drinks and freakin’ breaths it. After getting kicked out of the Army for staking a fellow soldier with a blunt two by four, Hawk almost dies of boredom. He’s working as a night security guard at a deserted warehouse in his hometown of Santa Muerte, California… USA. Just when it looks like all Hawk’s options in life have expired, filthy blood-sucking vampires appear and of course… Nobody freakin’ believes him! With his back up against the wall, his sweaty Karate Kid headband tied on tight, real tight, and hordes of blood-thirsty vampires closing in, Hawk enlists the help of the one person who kind of believes him… Revson “REV” McCabe, a dimwitted, vegan-pacifist groundskeeper. Together they join forces to save the whole entire freakin’ world. Well… At least their hometown anyway.


Grimley, who is also the Writer/Director, had this to say;

“So why the heck did I make my film Hawk and Rev: Vampire Slayers? Honestly… The world is just so serious. It’s exhausting being tapped into media and technology 24 hours a day. It’s really intense how many issues are happening around the world. There are so many problems everywhere and I was looking for an escape… I was looking for a laugh and something heartfelt. I was looking for some much-needed levity and humor and I was looking for a break.

Hawk and Rev: Vampire Slayers is quite simply a love-letter to my childhood and a more innocent and clueless time when everything seemed possible and like it would turn out okay. It’s a love letter to goofy weirdos with big dreams and ridiculous ideas. It’s just plain old fashioned escapism. Sure, there are themes and morals and critiques of the 80’s, specifically toxic masculinity and homophobia in there too, but at the end of the day, I really just hope you enjoy the ride and leave with a nice heartfelt feeling and the knowledge that maybe… just maybe… we’ll all be okay. “


Dumb and Dumber meets Van Helsing in this hilarious 80’s throwback!

So, let’s just come out and say it. This movie is ridiculous, corny and I absolutely loved it! There wasn’t a single scene that allowed my attention to wane. From hilarious dialogue, slapstick comedy and a whole load of OTT gore. This movie had it all. The acting was superb with each character bringing their own individual comedy element to the scene.

One of the best things about this movie is it doesn’t take itself seriously… at all! CGI gore and bad prosthetics were used in abundance with the hilarious results just adding to the comedic aesthetic. Now, I know for sure it’s not going to be to everyone’s tastes, thus is the diversity of humour. However, if you like goofball comedy, wacky storylines, hilarious actors with great supporting characters (I’m looking at you, Terry!) then this is the movie for you.

Check out the trailer here!

HAWK AND REV : VAMPIRE SLAYERS will be the ‘midnight movie’ on the opening and closing night of the festival, playing August 28 and September 5.

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The Good Things Devils Do

Kane HodderBill Oberst Jr. and Linnea Quigley star in the hugely exciting THE GOOD THINGS DEVILS DO. The Gravitas Ventures movie is available on digital platforms and DVD from today!

Written and directed by Jess Norvisgaard, the movie also stars David Rucker III, Mary Katherine O’Donnell, Veronika Stoykova and Kelley Wilson Robinson.


Richard (Oberst Jr.), a small-time gangster, is retiring. Before he can, he must take one last job: to steal money from a rival gangster’s house. Miles apart, Melvin [Rucker] is a reluctant family man who has dreams of becoming a famous curator for his Museum of the Macabre. His newest acquisition? The remains of the notorious Masquerade, a vampire born from the embers of hell, slain centuries ago. On Halloween night, their paths will collide and they’ll be forced to work together to fight centuries-old evil with everything on the line.

Check out The Good Things Devils Do trailer below!

Stay tuned for our review!

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Knock Knock

Knock Knock Review

When it comes to genre-mashups, we all have our favourites involving horror. Whether it be Horror/ Sci-fi (Yes!), Horror/ Western (Yeehaw!) or Horror/ Romance (…meh). But my personal favourite is Horror/ Comedy. WHAT A COMBO! There’s just something about these two genres that work well together and I love it! You know what else I love? THE 80’s! Damn that was a good decade for movies. The cheesy soundtracks, the vibrant colours and the hilarious special effects. Imagine my delight when I realised that ‘Knock Knock’ has it all!

Here’s the IMDB Summary; ‘Knock Knock’ tells the story of down-on-his-luck former boxer Sam Grant, who one night finds himself caught in a whirlwind of conjecture and conundrum as his colorful and quirky neighbors come to him with scary tales of their apartment’s mysterious new resident. Inspired by the retro horror classics of VHS days gone by, ‘Knock Knock’, is sure to be a treat for any horror fan and aficionado.

The movie starts with a bizarre ad for a pizza company, complete with the typical visual flickers and sound quality associated with a VHS. The peculiar advertisement stars the dapper Walter D. Zaarke (complete with stick-on muttonchops) as he spends a couple of minutes describing the best, most wondrous, most mysterious pizza out there today. This sets the tone for the entire movie. Sounds ridiculous right? It is! And it’s FANTASTIC!

If the intro isn’t nostalgic enough for you, the opening soundtrack certainly will be. As soon as that synth-tastic, John Carpenter-esque tune hits your ears you’ll be transported back to the time of big hair, spandex and Rubik’s cubes. Once you’re settled, cue the comedy! With a hilarious script and perfectly cast actors you can’t help but laugh. It’s cheesy, goofy and if you imagine a grown up version of Scooby Doo (regrettably without the Great Dane himself) you’ll be pretty close to what Knock Knock is all about.

Knock Knock

When Sam ‘Stonefist’ Grant (Kerry Tartack) returns home, he doesn’t expect his quirky neighbour Olivia (Sisi Berry) waiting for him. Even more surprising is her theory about the newest resident in the building. With him partying all night and sleeping all day he’s just oozing vampiric traits. As a result, she’s invited fellow neighbours round to help; goofball stoner Dragon (Chuk Hell) and super smart Gretchen (Rachel Atterson).

You can easily envisage more movies with this brilliant cast and it’s clear that Director/ Writer Toby Canto Jr. has a flare for filmmaking. Now, don’t get me wrong, if you’re looking for an in-depth, story-driven movie with genuine scares, this isn’t the flick for you. However, if you’re looking for a wacky, fun, nostalgic experience, then dust off your old pastel tracksuit and enjoy the trip down memory lane.

If you like what you see then check it out!

Further info

The movie is available on DVD, BluRay, and streaming on Amazon Prime and Tubi. Check out the links below and enjoy!

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Amazon Prime


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