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This is our discussion of Thea Gregory’s Zombie Bedtime Stories. Enjoy!

Most parents tend to read their children fairytales at bedtime. Stories about Princes saving the damsel in distress or the endeavours of Long John Silver and his crew of bloodthirsty pirates. Thea Gregory however has decided on a darker approach. Zombie Bedtime Stories is a short fiction series. Right now 15 stories are planned, with the third installment expected to be released in early November. Each story focuses around a different character, all completely unprepared for the zombie apocalypse, but all trying to deal with it in their own way. All of their stories are intertwined and develop with each one, yet many of the characters have never met. The books are set in the near future of 2035 – giving them the whole… ‘what if’ feel.

So far, the series debut is a story about a young paramedic named Haley. On a routine call out she is attacked by her friend, who turns out to be a zombie. As the story progresses, she experiences changes in her personality, moods, behaviours and food preferences, until she wakes up a zombie, herself. Her consciousness is suspended in a body that she can’t control, and she needs to find a way to escape.

The second story follows a team of researchers who find their facility co-opted by the military, with a very special project. They’re charged with looking for a medical cause to the violence and riots in the capital, which have begun spreading to neighboring cities. What they discover challenges their sense of ethics, and draws them together while tearing them apart. As the unrelenting enemy draws closer, they struggle to survive long enough to tell the world their chilling discoveries.

The third story follows Haley’s partner, Frank, as he realizes that something is very wrong. He tries to seek help or ask questions, but he is silenced. He is determined to save his partner, Haley and his few other friends and escape the city before it’s too late. And that one, as  mentioned earlier, is released in early November.

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