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Earlier this month we reported that Ron Jeremy had joined the cast of Ole Splitfoot. Yet, after the news of him being charged with rape and sexual assault, the Ole Splitfoot team have released the following statement;

Amidst Competition from a Multi-Million Dollar Property from Netflix and Emerging Allegations against Attached Actor Ron Jeremy, The True Tale of Ole Splitfoot vs. The Lesbian Warrior Nuns of the Great White North Producers Speak on Status on Film

June 23rd, 2020 – As the headline dropped earlier today, the production team at The True Tale of Ole Splitfoot vs. The Lesbian Warrior Nuns of The Great White North was shocked and saddened to hear about the sexual assault charges levied against Ron Jeremy.

“We in no way condone any actions that involve illegal misconduct, including assault of any type, and we sincerely hope that all parties involved find a resolution to these circumstances,“ offered the film’s producers in an official statement delivered today.

“Prior to even hearing about the news we had decided to delay the November shooting schedule on the film due to budget concerns and funding issues brought about by the emergence of competitive properties such as Netflix’s Warrior Nun. It was inevitable that comparisons between the two pieces were going to cause confusion and thus negatively impact our ability to fund the feature. The decision to revisit our schedule and the project in general was communicated to the cast and crew prior to us releasing our intentions publicly on social media yesterday, the 22nd. I’m sure, however, that today’s news would have also resulted in a similar conversation. Our priority is to ensure that our cast and crew are not only comfortable, but that we are providing them with an environment that fosters mutual respect, professionalism and, above all, safety.”

It’s safe to say that the production has been plagued with one issue after another. With Jeremy already removed from the IMDB page, hopefully the team will be able to find a replacement and commence production of the movie later next year.

Ole Splitfoot Update

Ole Splitfoot Update – Horror-Fix Pictures in partnership with Silver Compass Studios is proud to announce the addition of Scream Queen Kaylee Williams to the cast of “The True Tale of Ole Splitfoot vs. The Lesbian Warrior nuns of the Great White North”.

As announcements continue to roll out about the highly anticipated film from director Massimiliano Cerchi and writers and executive producers Ash Hamilton and Ben Harl, news drops today of MAJOR casting additions. 

The team is proud to announce Kaylee Williams (The Lashman, Teacher Shortage) has officially joined the roster. Kaylee comes to the film with over 63 credits to her name, largely in the horror genre, making her a perfect fit for the role of CeCe (aka Fanta-C), leader of the ragtag “Sisters of the Crooked Cross, a religious order of warrior nuns posing as strippers at rural Canada’s premiere gentleman’s lounge, “The Beaver, DAM!”. 

Joining CeCe is Jeanne Young in the role of Dee (aka Double D-Licious). Jeanne has a long history in feature film and television including roles in The Infinity Project (2018), Where Sleeping Dogs Lie (2019) and Wives With Knives (2015). 

Max Koch is best known for his comedy and impersonations, but his voice-over career is equally impressive. He has lent his talent to many recognizable characters including Mantis in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, multiple characters in The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants, and is probably best known for being the official voice of Chester Cheetah.

Julie Ann Prescott (Ghoul, The Embalmers, 5G Zombies) is no stranger to horror. With an impressive 105 films she has contributed to she is nothing short of a prolific force in the horror industry. Julie joins the girls of the Beaver, DAM! as Cra-Z, a Canadian stripper who lives up to her name. 

Newcomer Katie Schooley (Play with Me, Forgotten Family) also joins the fine ladies of the Beaver, DAM!. A natural screen presence, Katie has previously worked with Horror-Fix Pictures on their 2018 short film, Play With Me and has been the face of the film’s marketing initiative, serving as the project’s primary model on posters and other collateral.

The new cast join Michael Paré, Robert LaSardo, Bishop Stevens and Rebecca Rinehart, previously announced. 

With a projected date of November 2020 for principal photography, audiences can expect to see the epic horror-comedy everywhere second quarter 2021

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