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Review By Daniel Kraevyn

Slender: The Arrival – 2013 (Parsec Productions)


I first learned of the Slenderman story last year, and quite perfectly, around Halloween. This started out as an internet urban legend, or “fakelore”, and quickly took off, creating a vast array of fiction, fan-made short stories, short films, even full-length features. What started as a simple Creepypasta submission has become one of the sacriest phenomena I have witnessed in long time.

Many of you might have played the original game: “Slender: the Eight Pages”, and if not, click here  – A reworked version is available here  (Note: this is a constantly changing game, so the original has been improved greatly throughout its life).

The premise of the game is quite simple: run. It takes the simplistic “Pac-Man” formula of having to navigate through an environment while avoiding being “hit” by a ghost-monster. The hook – This isn’t your daddy’s Pac-Man. The player is tasked with collecting eight pages of crayon (or charcoal) drawings, seemingly drawn by children, and while you collect said pages, you are being hunted by a ghostly, malevolent being known only as “the slender man”, an unnaturally tall, slim person, with a completely blank, white face.

One would think this premise would not be very compelling, yet I challenge you to play the game. The atmosphere, the ambiance, the setting… everything about this game evokes oppressive horror, tension, and ever-increasing feelings of terror.
The point of this post is to announce the impending release of a full-length game from the creators of the original Slender: the Eight Pages comes Slender: The Arrival. I have been privileged (and yes, I even donated to the studio) to have access to this beta version, and I simply cannot fully describe how scary this game is. The beta is a re-working of the original Slender game, with enhanced graphics, more intuitive controls, and a grittier, more oppressive atmosphere. You are in the woods, alone, armed only with a flashlight, and your handcam (the viewpoint through which you experience the game).

As I have said previously, this game takes the “Pac-Man” formula and steers it toward the sinister. I am a staunch supporter of all things indy horror – music, movies, and this game is but another reason to support those innovative minds who help progress the intellectual properties of the genre. I highly recommend playing this game, and encourage you to donate to these guys. I have embedded the trailer at the top, and the link to the game’s website is below. It would behoove you to check this game out, and for further study, get on Youtube, and check out Marbel Hornets here; or this fan-made documentary (click here) which was my first introduction to the slender man mythos (I watched this right before I played the original game, and was so engrossed that the game terrified me).
I entreat you one last time to experience this game, and if you like it, support these guys. Indy horror can be absolutely great, and to see these guys take an idea and realize it through independent means, they deserve all the success they get. To go to the website, click here.

Slender: The Arrival releases on Tuesday, March 26, 2013.