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Chills Down Your Spine

It’s been over four years since we reviewed the Shivers Down Your Spine Anthology. Made up of 10 stories, the original collection was a labour of love, taking four years and only $750 to complete! Now, Dead Lantern Pictures is back with twice the thrills, twice the kills and twice the chills! Their latest anthology, Chills Down Your Spine, is more ambitious than ever. The no-budget outfit from Nebraska have put together a wide variety of stories. From animation, western, film noir, a Lovecraftian apocalypse, even an intermission, the anthology has it all!

Just like Shivers, the Chills Down Your Spine anthology is laced with comedy, unusual storylines, unique characters and a whole load of b-movie goodness. Over 75 cast and crew members collaborated to make the collection and after nearly 5 years of production, we’re happy to report that this anthology is even better than their first!

Chills Down Your Spine


ROAD TRIP (Wraparound 1): Jeff, still searching for Sabiah after the events of Shivers Down Your Spine, finds a new lamp in an arcade. Upon rubbing it, out pops not Sabiah, but her little sister, Mahktoonah. Together, the two go on an ancient Road Trip that just so happens to be quite the odyssey… 

C’MON BABY LIGHT MY FLAME (Wraparound 2): Sabiah’s lamp is found by a sadistic killer who is biding his time in order to carve out her flame and bring about the destruction of the world!

THE DEVIL’S CORKSCREW: A group of thieves try to escape being hunted down by the owner of their stolen gold, all while dealing with their own internal issues in this intriguing Western.

ISABELLE RETURNS: Isabelle Wakeworth rises from the grave to murder horny co-eds in this animated tale of terror.

THE DITCH: A group of strangers come together and find something very interesting in a Nebraska ditch…

BED AND BREAKFAST: A young girl is hunted by a sadistic ghoul at an old Bed and Breakfast on a dark and stormy night…

INTERMISSION: Three individuals watch the first half of CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE and give you their important thoughts!

Chills Down Your Spine

HYSTERIA!: A burlesque troupe arrives for a show on Halloween night only to be wrapped up in a comedic, Scooby Doo-esque murder mystery!

BLOOD MODEL: An artist tries to find inspiration in a beautiful model but finds he’s having trouble getting his paintings to look right.

THE WHIRLPOOL OF NIGHT: A private investigator has to steal an object from a powerful woman with deadly results..

THE CALLING OF THE THINGS BEYOND: Reality begins to break and crack when a young woman finishes a cursed play…

As I’m sure you can tell, this is a LONG collection. But you can’t complain that you’re not getting value for money. They’ve even been courteous enough to provide an intermission!

Check out the trailer below


Blurays and DVDs will be available later this year and, as with all Dead Lantern films, the Bluray special features will be STACKED:

  • Feature Length Outtake Reel
  • Feature Length Behind the Scenes Documentary
  • Multiple Audio Commentary Tracks
  • HYSTERIA! Music video
  • CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE: Auditions and Read Throughs!
  • And more!

What do you think of the movie? Like the sound of it? Seen it already? Let us know on FacebookTwitterInstagram or in the comments below!

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Review by Siobhan

After finally getting power back I e-mailed my buddies at Erebus Horror to send me something ASAP to review and jumped for a trilogy of short films by Jeremiah Kipp. Now, if you don’t know who Jeremiah Kipp is here is a little caption from my inbox of some of his work:

“Jeremiah Kipp’s directing credits include THE SADIST starring Tom Savini, THE POD starring Larry Fessenden, CONTACT (commissioned by Sinister Six annual screening series), THE DAYS GOD SLEPT, CRESTFALLEN, THE CHRISTMAS PARTY (Cannes and Clermont-Ferrand), EASY PREY (commissioned by NYC’s annual VisionFest), DROOL (commissioned by Mandragoras Art Space), SNAPSHOT and THE APARTMENT (commissioned by Canon to premiere their XL2 at DV Expo 2004). Producing credits include the feature films SATAN HATES YOU (created by Glass Eye Pix, starring Angus Scrimm, Michael Berryman and Reggie Bannister), GOD’S LAND, LET’S PLAY, IN MONTAUK, THE JONESTOWN DEFENSE and THE BED-THING (directed by Pulitzer Prize-nominated Matt Zoller Seitz). Assistant director credits include I SELL THE DEAD starring Dominic Monaghan, SOMEWHERE TONIGHT starring John Turturro, ONE NIGHT starring Melissa Leo, and the Sundance Award- winning MAN (dir: Myna Joseph).”

Now, down to fuckin’ business, I received 3 links to 3 short films: Crestfallen, Contact, and Drool. I had no idea what to expect, but I was excited to see what was in store for me. Crestfallen and Drool were okay but Contact I felt he could have gone further.

Contact was basically about a girl who freaks out from drugs with her boyfriend, and then reunites with her parents in the end all clean and pretty. I felt that the “junkies”, and especially the drug dealer, were lame. There was a stereotypical guy in a leather jacket who looked like a jerk off (I’m allowed to say that because my boyfriend has that jacket with a huge Ramones patch on the back and he manages to not look like a fool in it), and some kid with his eyes closed looking stupid, who should have been left out of the shot completely, or should have been on the floor pretending to sleep. The drug dealer was a unique character who I appreciated, but not as an actual drug dealer. I’ve never met a drug dealer who wore eye liner and had a penis (I’m assuming that guy was a guy, I could be really fucking off on that one). You don’t know what kind of drug they’re doing, but they’re freebasing it completely naked. With any drug trip there were highs and lows, and I was left wishing the low went way fucking low, like down to the core of the earth low. But all in all I felt like it was shot well and the setting/backdrop for each scene was done well. I really liked the way it went back and forth from the parents waiting at the dinner table and back to their daughter getting fucked up.

Crestfallen was a series of flash backs in the mind of a girl who just slit her wrists in a bathtub (more boobies fellas). I thought it was a really cool concept and there was an aerial shot from above the bathtub tinting the water with her blood — it looked totally disturbing and dark, I loved it.

Drool was an experimental film where you’re left not sure what the fuck went on. It’s just a naked man and woman in a room covered in what I’m assuming is supposed to be drool, but all I kept thinking was it was definitely some kind of lube, so I kept picturing a scene from the movie Old School (“We can only get KY in the 24 oz tubes, industrial size can take up to 3-4 weeks”). The whole time you’re not sure if they’re fuckin’ or fightin’ and it’s weird, but something about it I liked and wanted to see more — how did they get there? what’s happening? where did he go? I kind of liked it, in a weird way and wouldn’t mind seeing it turned into a totally over the top gory, horror flick filled with insanity.

As you can see, not all horror is monsters and cannibals, it can be taken any way. Check out some of Jeremiah Kipp’s work for yourself, I’d love to see what all the other horror fanatics think of his work, so leave a comment below or on my blog. Who knows, he can be the next big thing and you’ll get to tell all your hipster friends you saw him way back when all because of some girl — that girl — Siobhan.

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