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I think this is the first time we’ve reviewed a horror comic here at Erebus Horror

Why? I have no idea… They’re awesome!

White Devil is a story about a stereotypical housewife who wants to break said stereotype. And what better way to do it than by joining a bizarre cult involving dark magic and orgies with a deranged old gaffer at the helm. This comic has it all – sex, blood, animal sacrifices (if that appeals to you) and a great storyline that definitely has the potential to develop into something great.

Want to know something even better? It’s FREE

Now we all love that magical four-letter word, which gives this comic even greater appeal. Details of where it can be downloaded can be found below.

To sum up White Devil – It’s got a great plot, great art work (although it is a little flawed in one or two places) and runs through the scenes at a great pace. It has one or two downfalls, the biggest being the hand-written narrative at the beginning of the comic. I had to really zoom in at some points in order to clearly read the text, but apart from that I really enjoyed it.

If you don’t normally read horror comics, I’d recommend White Devil as a place to begin. It has everything a good horror comic should have and since it’s free you can’t go wrong!

Wanna check it out? Download for FREE here

Alternatively, you can visit their blog here