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I think before I write my review for this set of horror shorts, I should give you a bit of background on One Buck Horror:

One Buck Horror is an e-book anthology series that features the best in short horror fiction from new and established writers Volumes are available for the low price of one dollar (hence the One Buck Horror – Clever right?) and can be purchased from major online e-book retailers, such as and

The stories in One Buck Horror are classic horror tales in the tradition of giants such as Stephen King, Richard Matheson and Ray Bradbury. New volumes will be released bi-monthly, with plans to offer new volumes monthly according to demand. Each volume features 4-6 stories from new and established authors in the horror

Each volume features up to six stories from new and established authors in the horror genre, and are all less than 3000 words in length, making for a quick accessible read. One Buck Horror is edited by a husband and wife team from Chicago, Illinois and they are currently open to submissions for future volumes.

Right then, now you know how awesome these guys are why don’t I mention the short stories.

  • Jenny’s House is a great place to play, but an unexpected playmate makes for a dark session of show-and-tell
  • Three kids seek to steal from a travelling carnival and get more than they bargained for in A Lullaby for Caliban
  • In The Last Nephew, Nephew yearns to be free of Uncle’s depredations, but when Uncle leaves his pocket watch behind one night, it gives him the key to his escape.


  • Crossing The Cornfield is harrowing on the best of winter nights, but this night, Jack turns to see eyes in the darkness and knows that something is following him…,
  • In The Ginger Men, mother is baking a special ingredient into a treat for father, an ingredient that gives her pie dough a life of its own.


Featuring stories by Ada Hoffmann, Julie Jansen, Mark Onspaugh, Mike Trier, and Elizabeth Twist, One Buck Horror – Volume One is definitely an insight into great things to come. Each short is written and edited to a professional standard and contains a gripping plot on every page. Although not all of the shorts contain huge amounts of blood and gore, they more than make up for it with eerie storylines and satisfying endings that only the best can provide. One Buck Horror is sure to become a renowned anthology of great horror works, so if that’s not an incentive to buy I don’t know what is!

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Hope you enjoy!