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Reviewed by Siobhan

I don’t know if it’s because I’m slightly new to the horror game, but this has been the most gory and perverted compilation of stories I’ve ever read. Literally, from the books forward all the way to the last page is filled with twisted tales. I typically read zombie books, but reading these stories about mostly average people voluntarily eating humans has left me slightly disturbed. If you’re wondering how the topic of cannibalism could possibly keep your attention, don’t you worry, there’s plenty of necrophilia and other perverted acts thrown in there to hold your attention. I give the Masters of Taboo Presents Cannibalism two bloody, severed thumbs way up. They seriously delivered on the gore and have left me constantly looking over my shoulder, assuming every one around me is a cannibal sizing me up for dinner. Most of the stories are well written but I found my two favorites were Fallen Angel and Bath Salts. I’m not sure if Bath Salts was meant to be funny, but I found it humorous and I always love a bit of humor thrown into my horror. If you’re sick of cookie cutter horror I’d seriously consider checking this read out. I wanted to include a quick, one line description of these shorts in my own words. If you’re a fan of all things horrific, hopefully you’ll consider checking it out. On that note, I have to go not eat the ribs (pork, not human — thanks) that have been prepared for dinner tonight, I’ll just stick with my veggies for the time being..

Brief Individual Story Descriptions

Plastic Bacon by Nigel-Lata-Bursten
A mans wife gets a nose job using pig genetics, guess who eats who

Dive by Michael S. Simmons
Shipwreck and Nazi zombies

Preppers by Hart D. Fisher
Forced cannibalism leads to voluntary cannibalism

Sophia & The Amazon Queen by Brent Lorentson
Family vacation turns into slaughter, rape, and daddy’s princess actually becomes a queen

Magnum P.i & The Automated Butt-Cutter by Brian Harris
Cannibalism is a part of everyones lives in a futuristic world, not much about actual butts though..

Fallen Angels by MJ Hyman
Cannibalism will get you kicked out of the military and you will be forced to dumpster dive for dinner, until a rich guy brings you to his soup kitchen

Corpse Intolerant by Andrew Allan
Consume human flesh until you barf and shit until your mom walks in

Zombie Christ by Armand Rosamilia
Psycho Christian starts eating people

S.K.I.N by Anthony Sant’Anselmo
Cannibalism with the upper class in the Amazon, with a brief appearance by George Foreman

Abortion Atonement by Bryan Jackson
Abortion leads to cannibalism, always wrap it up kids!

Bath Salts by Jack Donnelly
Hungry People + Bath Salts = Yummy People

Chubby Chasers by Destiny West
Cushion ain’t only good for the pushin’

The Diary by Stephen Biro
Medication suppresses voices and cannibalism