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A Nightmare of Horror: Nightmare Radio

Reviewed by Mike Macabre

We do love a good anthology series at Erebus Horror. We recently reviewed the Chills Down Your Spine collection and whilst the low-budget effort was commendable, this anthology shows what can be done with an even greater budget. A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio consists of 10 horrifying tales by some of horror’s up and coming filmmakers.

Brothers Luciano and Nicolás Onetti have collaborated with Sergio Morcillo, Joshua Long, Jason Bognacki, Adam O’Brien, Matthew Richards, A.J. Briones, Pablo S. Pastor and Oliver Park.


Rod, radio DJ, hosts a popular horror-themed show packed with tales of terror for eager listeners. When he receives alarming calls from a horrified child things start to feel off. What ensues is a roller-coaster ride of horror stories…

The collection was hugely enjoyable with a multitude of themes and styles. There’s suspense, monsters, body horror and a whole load of gore. What more could you want? Lets see how they did.

A Nightmare of Horror: Nightmare Radio


Post-Mortem Mary – Australian horror with a historic setting. A woman takes her reluctant daughter to a neighbour’s house following the death of a young girl. She’s given the job of preparing the body and making the girl appear ‘alive’ in order to take her photograph. Yet, as the story progresses, it becomes apparent that the corpse has been possessed by something sinister. This is a great supernatural horror with a great twist at the end that sets up the anthology perfectly.

A Little Off The Top – Gruesome torture porn flick. A hair stylist has a conversation with his client about… hair. However, we soon discover that he’s a little bit of a psychopath and his fetish with hair is a tad extreme. This was a really short flick which relies on the gory, shock factor to satisfy horror fans. It’s not bad, with an inventive use of a barber’s chair and a nice bit of gore. Yet, you can probably guess from the title what happens so it wasn’t really a surprise.

It gets better!

The Disappearance of Willie Bingham – Brutal prison reform. Highly imaginative storyline whereby prisoner Willie Bingham is punished for his crimes by having different limbs removed. This is part of a new reform of the justice system. Willie is then paraded around educational establishments to serve as a deterrent from crime. As the movie goes on, Willie loses more body parts (including his namesake) until he is left with not much else. It certainly isn’t a traditional horror story and is more unsettling than scary, but still enjoyable nonetheless.

Drops – Dancer plagued by demonic entity. This creepy Spanish movie follows a young dancer as she tries to balance a relationship, achieving her dreams and dealing with the demon tormenting her. It was slightly confusing in parts but overrall it wasn’t too bad. There were a few creepy bits and if you’re into weird humanoid demon things you’ll probably enjoy it.

There’s more? You bet!

A Nightmare of Horror: Nightmare Radio

The Smiling Man – Creepy.. demonic… man. This is another really short flick which involves a child following a trail of balloons through her house until she reaches The Smiling Man. They have a brief, unsettling interaction before he unveils a sinister secret. It’s a shame this was so short as the premise and great acting could have took this a lot further. However, as it is, it’s a pretty good short.

Into the Mud – Woodland horror with an unexpected twist. A woman regains consciousness in the woods only to find that she is being hunted. Naked, alone and afraid, she flees through the forest with the hunter pursuing her. What starts out as a cat and mouse chase turns into something even more sinister at the dramatic conclusion. With a great twist and some really good makeup/ effects, this one should appeal to a lot of monster fans.

Nearly there…

Vicious – Eerie, British horror with some good jump scares. A woman returns to find there has been at her home. After initially finding nothing untoward, she goes to bed where she is plagued by a demonic entity. This one had the biggest jump scares out of the lot and cranked the creep-factor up to the max. Unsettling and impactive, the only issue for me was the victim’s decision-making. We’ve all done it – watching a horror movie and shouting “Don’t go into the basement!” “Don’t run upstairs!” “The murderer is down, kill him before he gets up!” – you know all the stereotypes that we love/loathe. This one had me wondering why she lay down to reach around the door when she could’ve opened it. You’ll see what I mean when you see it. But apart from that it was a great flick!

Nightmare Radio – Good wraparound story with a satisfying conclusion. So Nightmare Radio is the wraparound story that progresses in between each segment. Towards the end, DJ Rod is tormented by prank callers, noises nearby and paranormal happenings in the next room. The story concludes with a satisfying twist which is a great ending to a great anthology.

Check out A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio trailer below

A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio is available on demand and DVD on now!

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Tales From The Hood 3

Tales from the Hood 3 is another upcoming horror sequel we’ve got our eye on. Fans will remember the 1995 anthology series fondly, with a subsequent sequel being released direct to video in 2018

The third instalment, also looking set for a direct to video release, includes horror legend Tony Todd. The Candyman star appears in the first film clip released by SyFy. The MPAA has rated it R for horror violence, disturbing images, sexual content, and language including racist epithets. It seems to be following in the footsteps of its predecessors on that front!

Check out The Tales From The Hood 3 clip here;

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Review By Daniel Kraevyn

Gut – 2012 (Director: Elias)

Starring – Jason Vail, Nicholas Wilder, Sarah Schoofs


Gut is a film that delves into the evolution of obsession, and the permutations that occur with the individual. What one finds perverse can quickly become an object of indefinable addiction, having the person revulsed, yet compelled to continue their degenerate habits. What one finds repulsive, another may find alluring, and of course, human nature compels us to watch these things, often in spite of our emotions of disgust.

It is the tale of Tom, an average family man; he has his home, his wife, daughter, a steady job, and a longtime friend, Dan, who shares an office with him. But Tom wants to move away, to get a change of scenery for his family, to flee the banality that he feels his life has become inundated with. Tom’s friend, Dan, is feeling his joy wane, and wants to rekindle the friendship he and Tom once shared. It is this desire that drives Dan to ask Tom over to watch a movie… one that he assures Tom will be well worth the time. The film: a home-made video showing a bound woman, and her eventual murder. The biggest question, was the killing real?

Henceforth, the film takes you on a journey, through Tom’s perspective, as at first being repulsed by what he has seen, yet becoming an obsession, as it starts to affect his relationships with both his wife and daughter, as well as with his friend, Dan.

The quality of the film was surprising, and I must say that for the most part, the acting was believable, both in the casual relationship between Tom and Dan, but executed very well showing the realtionship between Tom, his wife, and their little girl. Note, this film is quite erotic, playing again with the fine line between sexuality and base perversity.

Unfortunately, the pacing of the film is perhaps the biggest detriment. What could have been compressed into a 30 – 45 minute short film felt to me like something that was stretched to fill in an obligatory “feature film” time allotment. The opening of the film shows us one thing, then it takes quite some time for the plot to actually progress to the titular moment: the video, and it’s nefarious affects on the psyches of our protagonist. Once that occurs, the pacing then slows again, until ultimately the finale… which was again a little disheartening to me as it seemed to take too long to actually bring all the conflict to a climax. Once the climax hits, though, the film took on a much darker tone, giving better depth and horror to the plot. Yet, I hearken back to my complaint, that you have to sit through most of the movie to enjoy this finale, and many viewers may not be willing to invest the time.

Bottom line, this movie is another take on the whole sadism and torture porn theme, while managing to stay original in it’s concept and delivery. If you like the more humanistic (read: no supernatural elements) horror films that display voyeuristic depravity, that explore the perverse limits of human nature, then I can recommend it; although I have seen better, the good thing is, I have seen a lot worse, too.