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Shivers down your spine

You know one of the things I love about independent horror movies? It’s the fact that there are no set rules! They don’t have to stick to set times, budgets or have to worry about signing the next big name in the industry. Independent horror in its nature allows the filmmaker to do whatever the hell they want! You want to make a horror anthology? Nobody’s stopping you! You only got $750? No problem! You want to spend four years putting it together? Go for it! That’s the story behind our feature today SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE.

Dead Lantern Pictures is a microbudget horror production outfit based in Lincoln, Nebraska. Shivers Down Your Spine is their third feature length film and we were contacted by Mat Kister to have a gander at it,

The anthology is made up of 10 stories (9 individual flicks and a wrap-around one) I was going to give an in depth review of each one but then I figured why ruin it for you? Instead I’ll give a generic overview – Terrible acting, bad effects and poor continuity… And do you know what? IT’S BLOODY BRILLIANT!!!

It’s got the comedy, great storylines and the fact they don’t take themselves seriously is the icing on the cake. We’ve seen many movies with the same negative aspects that I’ve described, but the thing that makes them BAD is how hard they try to be GOOD! Not in this case. They break the 4th wall, they acknowledge that some stories are better than others and HELL! THEY DID IT ON $750!!! If nothing else – that’s applaudable. And you know what? I was probably a bit harsh with my first statement. There’s some good acting in there and some decent effects and camera tricks! The short movies range from comedic, to horrific, to film noir, to tragedy, to 80’s cheese. There really is something for everyone!

Anyway I’ve gone on enough. Here’s a cheeky trailer to whet your appetite

Looks good right? Well I’ve got great news – the bluray is available to buy right now! Check out the link at the end for more info

Overall this anthology is definitely worth a look. It’s funny, gory, immersive, there’s a sex-bomb of a genie and has a ton of tongue-in-cheek that only the best independent flicks can get away with. They’ve got the blurays lined up waiting for your order!


DVD/Bluray Features include:

  • 90 minute outtake reel
  • 5 audio commentary tracks
  • Bonus short film “Midnight Kiss”
  • “Clean” version of  A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY
  • Production photos

You can get yours and a whole load of other information by checking out Dead Lantern’s website here

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