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Want to hear about another great horror writer?

Well we’ve got one for you; Jimmy Pudge!

Jimmy is a published author with his second novel due out soon, but more importantly – Jimmy is hilarious! Now that is something we admire here at Erebus Horror. Many horror writers can be dark, moody and depressing (hey it works!) but every once in a while, the likes of Jimmy Pudge comes along and automatically you crack a smile. Now ordinarily we tell you a bit about the author and what not, but not today…  Today Jimmy himself is going to tell you in his own words what he’s about.

Jimmy James “M.F.” Pudge was born into this world on 6-9-1979 in a truck stop toilet at a TA Travel Center in the backwoods of South Georgia. An honest and conscientious man, Jimmy served several prison sentences because he refused to give in to the federal laws that impose independent spirits’ rights to be entrepreneurs.  An expert in the art of pruno, shank construction, and paper dart blow guns, Jimmy briefly served as a leader in his dorm room before being released early for good behavior.

He now serves as a gourmet chef in the fast food industry and writes during his off time. He is the father of possibly four little girls, two of which he pays child support for. Jimmy briefly considered a run for political office before discovering felons were ineligible to participate in the democratic process.

When he’s not working or visiting his probation officer, you can find Jimmy James on Facebook. His favorite color is brown. His favorite TV show is Little House on the Prairie. He thinks Nelly Olson is a scumbag.

And I think that’s enough said! Check out the link below to purchase Jimmy’s book and see what all the fuss is about – Trust us, it will be a sound investment!

Click here to buy Bad Billy

If you want some further reading about Jimmy, visit his page here http://www.jpudge.com/

You should also look out for Ice Cream Man which comes out on 15th April 2012. If it’s anywhere near as good as Bad Billy, you’ll be in for a treat!