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Don't Look Back Review

Reviewed by Mike Macabre

Don’t Look Back Review – If you ever encountered an attack in broad daylight, what would you do? Would you rush to help the victim? Watch from a distance to avoid getting hurt? Or would you scramble for your phone to record it? It seems that whenever such an event does happen in real life, all of these reactions tend to occur. In Don’t Look Back, Director Jeffrey Reddick explores the consequences of such actions.


When a young woman overcoming her traumatic past is among several witnesses who see a man fatally assaulted and don’t intervene, they find themselves targeted by someone, or something, out for revenge.

Starring Kourtney Bell, Will Stout, Skyler Hart, Jeremy Holm, Jaqueline Fleming, Amanda Grace Benitez, Damon Lipari and Han Soto.

Don't Look Back Review

Don’t Look Back Review

Caitlin (Bell) is a young woman with a traumatic past. On the day of her birthday, her father was killed by home invaders, and she almost suffered a similar fate. Initially pronounced dead herself, Caitlin was revived and nine months later is still receiving therapy following her harrowing ordeal. However, with the support of her boyfriend (Hart) Caitlin is making great progress. That is, until she witnesses a brutal assault whilst jogging in the park. One of many witnesses to the attack, Caitlin is frozen in fear, whilst others stand and watch, record the incident on their phone and generally do nothing.

What follows is a backlash from the media. The victim was a seemingly upstanding member of society, involved in charity work and providing shelters for the homeless. Despite the assailant still being at large, its the witnesses of the attack who bear the brunt of the public’s rage. To make matters worse, Caitlin is also tormented by visions and hallucinations of the dead guy. Things go from bad to worse for our stricken lead as one by one the witnesses of the attack start to die.

Don't Look Back Review

So how did it do?

Jeffrey Reddick is best known as the creator of Final Destination. With a solid storyline, creative deaths and a terrific cast the movie was a hit with horror fans worldwide. But, whilst that sounds great, it can also be a curse for the writer-turned-director making his directorial debut. There were BIG expectations with this one and, unfortunately, it’s nowhere near on par with his best known work.

That being said, if we disregard his notable connections, the movie is pretty good for a debut. The roles have been cast perfectly with a solid, stand out performance from Kourtney Bell. Her believable portrayal keeps the movie flowing from scene to scene and from the outset her character is one we can all get behind. There are some pretty good effects courtesy of the makeup department and overall its a pretty good storyline.

There are one or two flaws, with the tempo of the movie never really being established. For instance there are some exciting moments followed by prolonged periods of slow burn story development. Whilst this does serve to build tension and suspense at times, it also takes away the immersiveness of the movie to a degree. That being said, once we get into the finale it’s all systems go with a dramatic conclusion and a satisfying twist at the end.


Overall, the movie is definitely worth a watch. However, despite the unique selling point of linking it to Final Destination, the movie pales in comparison. But, if you go in on the basis of watching a directorial debut from an upcoming filmmaker, you should be in for a pleasant surprise.

From Kamikaze Dogfight and Gravitas Ventures, the movie is scheduled to hit Theatres and On Demand on 16th October.

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