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Hate Crime is a disturbing film about Nazi skinheads violently torturing an innocent family. I don’t even think the movie was one minute into it before these fuckers in black stormed this unsuspecting families new home. It’s extremely vulgar and they definitely weren’t afraid to cross any lines. The entire movie was shot in first person (i.e The Blair Witch whatnots), but it was done extremely well. The acting and the filming itself was done great, but of course I have something to pick at. Something about the scenes of these family members being tied up and scared shitless just wasn’t doing it for me. Something about those ropes was painfully obvious that they were tied really loose, making it look a little cheesy. But I understand there’s only so much you can do to show that this family is trapped and suffering before you actually start hurting your actors.

I felt like the subject matter was great, but I found myself getting bored from time to time.. okay, I might have just realized that I’m totally fucked and should seek therapy as soon as possible. Check out Hate Crime if you want to feel like a terrible person for voluntarily watching this movie.