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Inner Demon

Here’s another little gem I’ve discovered whilst trawling through the blood and gore that is our perfect horror society!

The movie is called Inner Demon and although it hasn’t started shooting yet, will need all the help it can get when it starts up. Keep an eye on this one and if you find yourself with a bit of cash to spare then why not donate to this great cause.

Evil Comes From Within!

Inner Demon is a supernatural horror about a teenage girl, the victim of a brutal assault, who finds refuge in a desolate farmhouse, only to discover it is also home to a malevolent spirit.

Influenced by horror films dubbed the “New French Extremity”, Inner Demon aims to be in the vein of thriller/horror standouts High Tension, Buried and Enter the Void. It is a horror film that starts off as an abduction thriller, and then finishes up as a supernatural revenge film.

The target audience is 25 to 45 year old intelligent horror fans


Pretty cool huh? If you want to learn more check out the links below

For more info on the movie check out:!/innerdemon

For more info on the director, check out!/ursula.dabrowsky