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We’re back to Horrorcore  this week and what a feature we have for you.

Butchered Beat Productionz led by Rukus has a unique sound that we think you’re going to love. There’s a video further down, but WAIT! Let us tell you about these guys first!

Rukus has been in the game for well over 10 years… He first hooked up with his old partner in rhyme Komatose (See earlier post) around 1999 while he was in a group called ASYLUM. They later went on to form the label Cutthroat Productions as well as the group KRYPTIK and the rest is history. They released their last group album “The Last Horror Show” in October 2010. Komatose went on to become an artist on Serial Killin’ records while Rukus released quite a bit of solo material still using the CTP label. He later went on to start up Butchered Beat Productionz and along with long time fan and fellow horrorcore artist Cutthroat they got the ball rolling. They released 2 albums together as well as a few solo joints. They then hooked up with A-rOn The Don and formed the group “The Gorehouse Greatz”. They released their first album “House of Gore” and got mad love from the moment it dropped. They are now currently working on solo projects as well as the next Gorehouse Greatz album “The Legend of Gorehouse” dropping sometime this Summer. Fellow horrorcore artist CiNiKiLL has since joined Butchered Beat Productionz and is going to be re-releasing some of his older material as well as a new Ep. Things are looking pretty good right now for the guys over at Butchered Beat Productionz… keep your eyes peeled !!!

Want a sample of their music? Here’s a track from their “House of Gore” album


Pretty cool right?

Want a link to buy some of their stuff?

Check out http://Kunaki.com/MSales.asp?PublisherId=120578


As we expand our coverage of all things horror, we delve into the dark realm of Horrorcore!

To anyone unfamiliar with this type of music, Horrorcore can be classed as a subgenre of rap/hip hop. With its dark, horror-themed lyrics and twisted messages, this style of music is something we thoroughly enjoy here at Erebus Horror.

Now there are many Horrorcore artists out there, as well as other horror-themed artists and bands, all of which deserve recognition. With this in mind, we’re going to try and introduce a new artist/band every month in the hope of expanding their fan-base and providing the extra publicity they deserve. So without further ado, we bring to you our first feature on the Horrorcore artist Komatose.

Considered by some a legend in the small genre of horrorcore, Komatose has been a slave to the darker side of music since 1998. Starting out reciting lyrics of lunacy into an at-home makeshift recording setup, Komatose quickly established himself as a prominent Horrorcore artist. Now, years later, Komatose is being whispered about in every dark corner by people who dare to like something a bit darker and morbid.

In 2001, Komatose started his own label with one of Horrorcore’s most memorable duos “Kryptik”. With Kryptik as the corner stone, Cutthroat Productions (his makeshift home for melodies of the macabre) had reached all corners of the United States and a few places across the pond just through word of mouth alone! Sadly though, Cutthroat Productions closed up shop when Komatose was scooped up by 3rd Shift Entertainment in 2005. His tenure there was short as he then moved onto one of the most dangerous labels in the country; Serial Killin Records.

With label mates, Sicktanick, Razakel, Stitchmouth and Razor Ruckus, the puzzle is complete. Now performing across the greater US, Komatose is pushing his butchered beats and hideous rhymes to anyone daring enough to listen and plans to do so until father time puts a stop to the madness known as Komatose “The Pumpkin King”. Currently he is working on his fourth album and by what Komatose himself believes, to be his best work to date. The title of the new manifesto, “I, Madman” is a homage to a lesser known campy 80s horror film and is currently slated for a 3rd quarter 2012 release.

Caught your interest?  Well here’s an example of just how good Komatose is!


If you want more, check out Komatose’s page on reverbnation here: www.reverbnation.com/komatosehorrorcore

If you want to know more about his label, click here (Although we will hopefully write a post on them as well pretty soon)

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