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Chills Down Your Spine

It’s been over four years since we reviewed the Shivers Down Your Spine Anthology. Made up of 10 stories, the original collection was a labour of love, taking four years and only $750 to complete! Now, Dead Lantern Pictures is back with twice the thrills, twice the kills and twice the chills! Their latest anthology, Chills Down Your Spine, is more ambitious than ever. The no-budget outfit from Nebraska have put together a wide variety of stories. From animation, western, film noir, a Lovecraftian apocalypse, even an intermission, the anthology has it all!

Just like Shivers, the Chills Down Your Spine anthology is laced with comedy, unusual storylines, unique characters and a whole load of b-movie goodness. Over 75 cast and crew members collaborated to make the collection and after nearly 5 years of production, we’re happy to report that this anthology is even better than their first!

Chills Down Your Spine


ROAD TRIP (Wraparound 1): Jeff, still searching for Sabiah after the events of Shivers Down Your Spine, finds a new lamp in an arcade. Upon rubbing it, out pops not Sabiah, but her little sister, Mahktoonah. Together, the two go on an ancient Road Trip that just so happens to be quite the odyssey… 

C’MON BABY LIGHT MY FLAME (Wraparound 2): Sabiah’s lamp is found by a sadistic killer who is biding his time in order to carve out her flame and bring about the destruction of the world!

THE DEVIL’S CORKSCREW: A group of thieves try to escape being hunted down by the owner of their stolen gold, all while dealing with their own internal issues in this intriguing Western.

ISABELLE RETURNS: Isabelle Wakeworth rises from the grave to murder horny co-eds in this animated tale of terror.

THE DITCH: A group of strangers come together and find something very interesting in a Nebraska ditch…

BED AND BREAKFAST: A young girl is hunted by a sadistic ghoul at an old Bed and Breakfast on a dark and stormy night…

INTERMISSION: Three individuals watch the first half of CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE and give you their important thoughts!

Chills Down Your Spine

HYSTERIA!: A burlesque troupe arrives for a show on Halloween night only to be wrapped up in a comedic, Scooby Doo-esque murder mystery!

BLOOD MODEL: An artist tries to find inspiration in a beautiful model but finds he’s having trouble getting his paintings to look right.

THE WHIRLPOOL OF NIGHT: A private investigator has to steal an object from a powerful woman with deadly results..

THE CALLING OF THE THINGS BEYOND: Reality begins to break and crack when a young woman finishes a cursed play…

As I’m sure you can tell, this is a LONG collection. But you can’t complain that you’re not getting value for money. They’ve even been courteous enough to provide an intermission!

Check out the trailer below


Blurays and DVDs will be available later this year and, as with all Dead Lantern films, the Bluray special features will be STACKED:

  • Feature Length Outtake Reel
  • Feature Length Behind the Scenes Documentary
  • Multiple Audio Commentary Tracks
  • HYSTERIA! Music video
  • CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE: Auditions and Read Throughs!
  • And more!

What do you think of the movie? Like the sound of it? Seen it already? Let us know on FacebookTwitterInstagram or in the comments below!

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Shivers down your spine

You know one of the things I love about independent horror movies? It’s the fact that there are no set rules! They don’t have to stick to set times, budgets or have to worry about signing the next big name in the industry. Independent horror in its nature allows the filmmaker to do whatever the hell they want! You want to make a horror anthology? Nobody’s stopping you! You only got $750? No problem! You want to spend four years putting it together? Go for it! That’s the story behind our feature today SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE.

Dead Lantern Pictures is a microbudget horror production outfit based in Lincoln, Nebraska. Shivers Down Your Spine is their third feature length film and we were contacted by Mat Kister to have a gander at it,

The anthology is made up of 10 stories (9 individual flicks and a wrap-around one) I was going to give an in depth review of each one but then I figured why ruin it for you? Instead I’ll give a generic overview – Terrible acting, bad effects and poor continuity… And do you know what? IT’S BLOODY BRILLIANT!!!

It’s got the comedy, great storylines and the fact they don’t take themselves seriously is the icing on the cake. We’ve seen many movies with the same negative aspects that I’ve described, but the thing that makes them BAD is how hard they try to be GOOD! Not in this case. They break the 4th wall, they acknowledge that some stories are better than others and HELL! THEY DID IT ON $750!!! If nothing else – that’s applaudable. And you know what? I was probably a bit harsh with my first statement. There’s some good acting in there and some decent effects and camera tricks! The short movies range from comedic, to horrific, to film noir, to tragedy, to 80’s cheese. There really is something for everyone!

Anyway I’ve gone on enough. Here’s a cheeky trailer to whet your appetite

Looks good right? Well I’ve got great news – the bluray is available to buy right now! Check out the link at the end for more info

Overall this anthology is definitely worth a look. It’s funny, gory, immersive, there’s a sex-bomb of a genie and has a ton of tongue-in-cheek that only the best independent flicks can get away with. They’ve got the blurays lined up waiting for your order!


DVD/Bluray Features include:

  • 90 minute outtake reel
  • 5 audio commentary tracks
  • Bonus short film “Midnight Kiss”
  • “Clean” version of  A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY
  • Production photos

You can get yours and a whole load of other information by checking out Dead Lantern’s website here

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