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Pitch Black

Out now from Arrow Video – This definitive, and stunningly-presented edition of Pitch Black, restored in 4K with Dolby Vision (HDR10 compatible), is just the start of Arrow Video’s journey into a dazzling hi-definition world that offers viewers astonishing, pin-sharp resolution, bringing film favourites to life like never before.

Pitch Black – The sci-fi/horror sleeper hit that birthed a franchise and launched the career of a new action movie icon. The movie is a nerve-shredding creature-feature in which the monsters outside finally meet their match against a monster within. This awesome movie is now available in an illuminating, brand new and definitive Ultra HD 4K restoration, with hours of exclusive bonus content


When an intergalactic transport ship crashes on a remote desert planet with no sign of help on the horizon, the survivors, led by Fry (Radha Mitchell), band together to find a way back home. Among the passengers is Riddick (Vin Diesel), a convicted murderer being transported by marshal Johns (Cole Hauser). But, as a solar eclipse plunges the planet into total darkness, a threat even worse than Riddick reveals itself. The last humans standing may have to form an uneasy truce with the cunning fugitive to last the long night.

Boasting crackerjack direction and a whip-smart script by David Twohy, as well as a star-making performance by Diesel, Riddick’s first outing is freshly unleashed in an illuminating, brand new 4K restoration, with hours of exclusive bonus content. Speaking of which, check out this new ‘making of’ clip taken from the special features.

Imagine watching Pitch Black in stunning 4K UHD!

You can pick up your copy here

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The Tent

There seems to be a lot of apocalypse, end-of-worldy stuff being released at the minute (see our recent review of The One Survivor of Conifer). But The Tent takes this scenario to a completely different place. Now, let’s make one thing clear; it’s not a horror movie (not in the traditional sense anyway) and not what we’d normally review. But, seeing the terms ‘thriller’, ‘apocalypse’ and ‘creature-feature’ being bandied around, I blindly went for it.


An apocalyptic event known as The Crisis has devastated David’s (Tim Kaiser) world leaving him to rely on survival tactics learned from childhood. Isolated and alone, David has taken refuge in a tent on the edge of the wilderness. Soon enough, another survivor emerges, Mary (Lulu Dahl), who immediately begins questioning David’s tactics and ultimately putting them in the crosshairs of “Those Who Walk In Darkness”, unseen creatures that may or may not be responsible for The Crisis.

The Tent

In all honesty, during the first half of the film I was tempted to switch it off. There didn’t seem to be a whole lot going on. The majority of the story revolved around David and Mary conversing in the tent. There was also the added threat of creatures outside whose POV was portrayed through black and white footage (similar to that seen in Dog Soldiers’ depiction of werewolves). Throw in a few random flashbacks of David’s life at the beginning of The Crisis, and some cleverly included homemade footage of him when he was younger, and I was shrouded in a cloud of obscurity.

But then…

However, the storyline did start to come together. Those flashbacks began to make sense and all the pieces began to fall into place, right up until the hard-hitting conclusion. It turned out that director Kyle Couch has done a stand up job in delivering the message he wanted to portray. It could have possibly worked better as a short movie. But, saying that, it may not have been as impactive. The acting, although initially average at the beginning, improved tenfold by the halfway point. Kaiser and Dahl both did a tremendous job in delivering the emotionally-charged ending.

The Tent

Now, I’m not gonna lie, this film left me an emotional wreck! As it progressed, you could see the direction it was heading, but that didn’t stop the huge punch in the gut that it delivered at the end. As the last ten minutes began to unfold I wanted nothing more than to cling onto the cloud of obscurity! what it was unveiling was more horrifying than any creature-feature could be.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think. The movie is currently available on demand, and coming soon to DVD.

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