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A preview by Daniel Kraevyn


One of the creepiest movies of my childhood was Pet Semetary. One of the greatest elements attributed to the movie is the setting, which is integral to the story – a Maine town, with an Indian burial ground that has mysterious, nefarious qualities. Unearthed and Untold – The Path to Pet Semetary is a documentary that delves into the movie, the mythos, and the production that went into making the film. John Campopiano and Justin White (independent filmmakers with Ocean’s Light Productions) are crafting the definitive film companion to Pet Semetary. Our filmmakers will be delving into the making of the film from two perspectives, but will address many subjects, including the memories of the local communities, and archived footage from local press and media during the films productions; as well as interviewing those who participated in the film, and their devotion and pride in crafting one of Stephen King’s most memorable tales.

Pet Semetary has the distinction of being the first book authored by Stephen King that I read, as well as the first Stephen King movie that I saw, and while no specific date has been set for its 2013 release, I am looking forward to watching this film, just to get new perspectives on one of the creepiest horror films from the 80’s.