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Tales From The Hood 3

Tales from the Hood 3 is another upcoming horror sequel we’ve got our eye on. Fans will remember the 1995 anthology series fondly, with a subsequent sequel being released direct to video in 2018

The third instalment, also looking set for a direct to video release, includes horror legend Tony Todd. The Candyman star appears in the first film clip released by SyFy. The MPAA has rated it R for horror violence, disturbing images, sexual content, and language including racist epithets. It seems to be following in the footsteps of its predecessors on that front!

Check out The Tales From The Hood 3 clip here;

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You may remember our last movie review of the independent movie Familiar. If you need a recap you can find it here

Well we’ve received a new clip of the movie to share and also a few dates where you can see it for yourself!

But before we share this info, check out this new clip

Now if you want to go and see this great movie (And we couldn’t recommend it more!) it is being shown at the following events:

Chicago Fear Fest – On Friday the 13th of April up to the 14th

Texas Frightmare Weekend – On May 4th up to the 6th

Dark Bridges Film Festival – On May 3rd up to the 6th

Don’t miss out – All festivals ought to be great!