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Recently I had the chance to review a short film by the Chance Brothers titled The Timeslip. Verdict; Brilliant!

Ordinarily I’m not a fan of horror shorts. I find that the majority are made with very basic camera equipment, average acting and basic plot. So when I watched The Timeslip, I was pleasantly surprised.

A business man crosses a busy city street … and awakes trapped in another time. London is gone, along with the buildings, cars and people. All he can see is a never-ending forest. Seemingly alone, the man wanders the wilderness without food or shelter.

Days pass before he realises that he may not be the only one in the forest after he discovers strange markings that adorn the trees. Before long it becomes apparent that he is not alone.

The movie has everything; comedy, suspense and genuine terror. Sure it’s not perfect – There are problems with continuity (e.g. blood drops) and issues surrounding budget like the number of actors etc. (Although this can’t really be helped – If the budget is not there, it’s not there.

Here’s a sample just for you


The Chance Brothers have a unique style and it will be interesting to the see the outcome should they make a longer film.

What to know more about these guys? Keep reading…

Richard Chance is a Colchester, England based British Writer / Director, Actor and one half of Chance Encounters Productions. Jonathan Chance is a Southern California-based British Writer / Director, Actor and Editor, Voice Over Artist and the other-half of Chance Encounters Productions.

Richard Chance is the Writer / Director of six films. He and his brother Jonathan co-wrote and directed the micro budget acclaimed feature film The Veil, the nominated short film Chainmail, and the 2008 Action On Film Festival special jury prize-winning short The Day I Tried to Live. In 2009, a feature script The Waiting Room, was nominated for Best Horror Screenplay at the same festival.

Currently, with two new short films produced and a brand new cut of their debut feature currently looking for distribution this looks to be their most productive year yet. Apt, directed by Jonathan Chance, premiered back to back with The Veil US Cut in 2010 and earned a nomination for the ‘Delta Award’ at the Festival of Fantastic Films in Manchester, UK. In 2011 and the Chance Brothers’ The Timeslip premiered at the festival favorite, the AOF, in July and has since gone on to appear in ten film festivals and attained ‘Best Sci-Fi Film’ at the Geek Independent Film Festival. It continues a worldwide festival run.

You can follow Jonathan Chance on Twitter @CarryOnJohn

Or you can visit their website  for more info.

Filmmakers tend to start their careers with home-made movies, before moving on to short films, and then taking on the full length challenge. If these guys keep progressing the way they have so far, we can look forward to a number of great movies in the near future.