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Jennifer Tilly was born Jennifer Ellen Chan; September 16, 1958. The first daughter of Harry Chan and Patricia (née Tilly), Jennifer is most recognised as Tiffany Valentine in the Child’s Play franchise. However, her acting career started in 1983 where she had a number of small roles. Eventually, she secured a recurring guest role in Hill Street Blues. From there, Jennifer’s career went on, giving her roles in a variety of movies and TV shows throughout the 80’s and early 90’s.

She first came to horror fans’ attention when she starred in the lesser known Embrace of the Vampire. The movie, starring Alyssa Milano was met with mixed reviews and it wasn’t until her starring role in Bride of Chucky, three years later, when Jennifer became an international horror icon.

Bride of Chucky

Bride of Chucky (1998)

Cited as Brad Dourif‘s favourite movie, Bride of Chucky was an instant hit with horror fans and helped revive the Child’s Play series. Not only that, but Jennifer’s popularity soared, with her becoming an overnight sensation amongst horror lovers worldwide. Despite not appearing in any further horror movies for a number of years, she was still on everyone’s radar.

2004 saw her take on the role of Tiffany again in Seed of Chucky. The difference this time is she also played herself as well! Another successful run as the maniacal doll kept her in everyone’s mind and she enjoyed further success. Almost 10 years after Seed of Chucky, Jennifer adopted her iconic role again in Curse of Chucky and then finally in Cult of Chucky

Since then, she has mainly focused on Poker tournaments. However, she is due to return to the screen once more as Tiffany in the upcoming Chucky TV series!

Did you know?

Jennifer Tilly: Life and Times of the Unabombshell - Upswing Poker
  • Tilly is a World Series of Poker Ladies’ Event bracelet winner, the first celebrity to win a World Series tournament.
  • As of June 2017, her live tournament winnings exceeded $992,000.

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