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The Download Horror is a new take on comedic horror. Robbo and Dougie are watching a movie “Sacrificed”. You too get to watch along, with the added bonus of their hilarious commentary about lesbians, boobs, and their prayers for a lesbian orgy, when they’re not making fun of the movie. The actual movie that you’re watching is about the chick you see above, sacrificing people for Sibalinka, an idol that has taken over her life. From the moment she was handed it, and the dagger you see in her hand, she has had no problem hacking up people around her. She throws an axe into her husbands face and chopsticks into her friends’ eyes, both of which come back as zombies. This is an okay-slightly-boring horror movie with awesome zombies, lots-o boobs, and two hilarious guys talking through it the whole time.

As I watched the movie, I found it was revolving around Robbo and Dougie talking, not the actual images in front of me, which felt a bit strange. I did not enjoy the “Sacrificed” movie (aside from the chopstick zombie), but I enjoyed the fuck out of listening to those two talk. They are the Beavis and Butthead of horror and I loved them! They are actually the producers of the movie, but they really need their own television show. Seriously, you wouldn’t even mind these two talking through an entire movie in a movie theater because they’re that entertaining.