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Here’s another one for all you horror fans who like to know about up and coming indie flicks. It’s called ‘A Flash of the Blade

This one will begin shooting in a couple of months, and as always, if you like the sound of the plot why not get involved? Donate a bit of spare cash to this worthy cause.

Want to know more? Here it is:


Nick Blakeman, an alcoholic, suicidal loner, witnesses the brutal murder of reporter Jessica French. Jessica was covering a local serial killer and is believed to be his latest victim. Nick quickly becomes obsessed with her murder and launches his own investigation.

While researching the case, Nick is disturbed to learn that he and the killer have something in common: a psychological profile. Like a moth to the flame, he is drawn closer and closer to the source of the murders until he becomes a target himself


Sounds good right? Here’s more info as always

More about the movie:

I’ll update as and when I get more info.