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Knock Knock

Knock Knock Review

When it comes to genre-mashups, we all have our favourites involving horror. Whether it be Horror/ Sci-fi (Yes!), Horror/ Western (Yeehaw!) or Horror/ Romance (…meh). But my personal favourite is Horror/ Comedy. WHAT A COMBO! There’s just something about these two genres that work well together and I love it! You know what else I love? THE 80’s! Damn that was a good decade for movies. The cheesy soundtracks, the vibrant colours and the hilarious special effects. Imagine my delight when I realised that ‘Knock Knock’ has it all!

Here’s the IMDB Summary; ‘Knock Knock’ tells the story of down-on-his-luck former boxer Sam Grant, who one night finds himself caught in a whirlwind of conjecture and conundrum as his colorful and quirky neighbors come to him with scary tales of their apartment’s mysterious new resident. Inspired by the retro horror classics of VHS days gone by, ‘Knock Knock’, is sure to be a treat for any horror fan and aficionado.

The movie starts with a bizarre ad for a pizza company, complete with the typical visual flickers and sound quality associated with a VHS. The peculiar advertisement stars the dapper Walter D. Zaarke (complete with stick-on muttonchops) as he spends a couple of minutes describing the best, most wondrous, most mysterious pizza out there today. This sets the tone for the entire movie. Sounds ridiculous right? It is! And it’s FANTASTIC!

If the intro isn’t nostalgic enough for you, the opening soundtrack certainly will be. As soon as that synth-tastic, John Carpenter-esque tune hits your ears you’ll be transported back to the time of big hair, spandex and Rubik’s cubes. Once you’re settled, cue the comedy! With a hilarious script and perfectly cast actors you can’t help but laugh. It’s cheesy, goofy and if you imagine a grown up version of Scooby Doo (regrettably without the Great Dane himself) you’ll be pretty close to what Knock Knock is all about.

Knock Knock

When Sam ‘Stonefist’ Grant (Kerry Tartack) returns home, he doesn’t expect his quirky neighbour Olivia (Sisi Berry) waiting for him. Even more surprising is her theory about the newest resident in the building. With him partying all night and sleeping all day he’s just oozing vampiric traits. As a result, she’s invited fellow neighbours round to help; goofball stoner Dragon (Chuk Hell) and super smart Gretchen (Rachel Atterson).

You can easily envisage more movies with this brilliant cast and it’s clear that Director/ Writer Toby Canto Jr. has a flare for filmmaking. Now, don’t get me wrong, if you’re looking for an in-depth, story-driven movie with genuine scares, this isn’t the flick for you. However, if you’re looking for a wacky, fun, nostalgic experience, then dust off your old pastel tracksuit and enjoy the trip down memory lane.

If you like what you see then check it out!

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The movie is available on DVD, BluRay, and streaming on Amazon Prime and Tubi. Check out the links below and enjoy!

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When you think of British horror films, what’s the first that comes to mind? 28 Days Later? An American Werewolf in London? As far back as The Wicker Man, maybe? As any discerning horror fan will know, the movie industry is centred around Hollywood with its seemingly endless cycle of remakes and adaptations. So when I heard about The Droving, a British folk-horror flick available on Amazon Prime, I was understandably excited. Something new! Something different! Something that wasn’t tarnished with Hollywood’s ‘perfect movie’ formula. My expectations were high.

Directed by George Popov, the synopsis states; A man returns from the military in search for his lost sister, who mysteriously went missing around the time of a strange traditional festival called ‘The Droving’. Sounds like a good plot. Within minutes the haunting soundtrack during the opening credits sets a precedent for the entire movie. Playing alongside scenes of the breath-taking British countryside, the atmospheric score puts the movie on a high pedestal. And I’m pleased to say it meets every expectation from thereon.

The movie itself has an air of nostalgia about it. Almost like watching The Wickerman for the first time again. Yet, Popov manages to steer ‘The Droving’ down its own path, taking us on a unique voyage of mystery, suspense and folklore. Filmed in Cumbria, featuring the rolling hills and stunning landscape of the Lake District, ‘The Droving’ features an enthralling storyline that slowly unravels keeping us guessing all the way.

Daniel Oldroyd stars as the lead character, Martin; a tormented soldier whose complex characteristics are brilliantly portrayed. Martin initially comes across as a friendly, down-to-earth guy, albeit sometimes blunt and straightforward. Yet, as the movie progresses the complexities of his character start to surface, with a driven, focused and sometimes callous demeanour replacing his previous niceties. Oldroyd’s portrayal of his character’s oscillating mental state was perfectly executed and kept the movie flowing from beginning to end.

Overall, ‘The Droving’ was a breath of fresh air in an industry that often feels stagnant with the same, tired methodology. The combined efforts of Popov and Jonathan Russell seem to be able to draw on the influences of British classics, yet give them a unique identity of their own. With stories that resonate with an audience eager for something new, there’s no telling what heights their next venture can take them.

If you’re an Amazon Prime customer you can watch The Droving there right now. Let us know what you think!

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