Meet The Team

Well guys it’s been tough getting ourselves back on track after the disastrous start to 2013. But the good news is we’re almost there!

Now it gives me great pleasure to introduce the latest member to join our team:

Daniel Kraevyn!

Dan is a musician specialising in the metal genre. Last year he released two EPs and two full length albums (links can be found below) His music contains horror themes, including tracks influenced by DOOM (The popular game franchise/ movie adaptation) sometimes adopting a creepy ambience (being described as an aural journey through a haunted house) and industrial thrash centred around a zombie apocalypse.

If you would like to read more about Dan and his band Throne of Anguish, you can check them out here

I’m sure you, like us, will welcome Dan with open arms and believe him to be a great asset to our ever-growing team of horror fanatics. The more people who make up Erebus Horror, the more indie horror support we can bring.

Keep a look out for posts by Dan in the near future

Well it’s a great day for us at Erebus Horror as we welcome our newest member to the team.

Please be upstanding for our newest horror aficionado.



Siobhan describes herself as a ‘Cardigan wearing, American hardcore listening, cupcake baking, jewelry making, zombie fiction reading, 22 year old little lady’

I’m sure you’ll agree she’s going to fit right in here at Erebus Horror.

Keep an eye out in the next few days for Siobhan’s first feature.

In the mean time, if you would like some further reading about this dark lady, you can visit her blog here

Remember, if you would like to join our team, visit the contact us page for further details.

There’s been a bit of confusion amongst some of our followers recently about which of us are on Twitter, which are posting updates and that sort of thing. I replied to the few messages we received, but then it dawned on me; we’ve been making changes that you’re not necessarily aware about.

So anyway I decided to put together this post to give you a bit more info about the team, including our roles in making Erebus Horror what it is.

Erebus – This is the guy who started it all off. I don’t really know much about him (despite the fact I’ve known him for several years from an online POV) But he is the creator of this site and the organisation. . He is not really in the picture anymore, but as many of you will know he is working on something big that will launch Erebus Horror further than we’ve ever gone.

Richard  – Erebus found me a couple of years ago ranting on a forum about how the Horror industry is in decline. Most people were telling me Twilight was great and that Horror was still very much part of our society (these were snot-nosed teenagers I imagine) Anyway he was the only one who agreed with me and we got talking from there. I can vouch for his Horror knowledge – It is IMMENSE. He has taught me so much over the past two years. Anyway last October I joined Erebus Horror as a blogger and took over from the man himself as he battled demons, conquered warlocks and generally saved the world…

Phil – He’s a good friend of mine who I drafted in to help out with the constant flow of emails, messages, Twitter follows, Facebook requests and everything else we were getting. He is another horror aficionado who has had his finger in just about every horror pie going! He’s a semi-professional musician, amateur SFX artist (mentored by the great Zoe Humphries who we interviewed a few months back) and owns the most extensive collection of horror movies I’ve ever seen!

We’re also in talks with others wishing to join so we’ll updates this page if that works out.

Hope this clears up any misconceptions you guys might have

Remember, if you want to join us – click here for further info