2 comments on “Antebellum Is No Longer a Cinema Release: Now Available on Demand

  1. VOD release has only been confirmed for USA In 18th September, UK is still ‘To Be Announced’ If you look at Lionsgate Films (USA channel) on youtube it confirms september date, look at Lionsgate Films UK youtube channel It still says ‘coming soon’

    Not saying it won’t go to VOD, there’s been no news on UK release the news announced was just USA release.

    • Indeed, the UK as well as the rest of the world tend to fall on the backburner when it comes to updated release dates. Throw in the whole pandemic issue with different restrictions imposed by each country and you’ve got a cloud of uncertainty hanging over every production. Hopefully the UK will be able to see it on or around the same time as the US VOD release!

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