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Reviewed by Richard

Here’s a quick feature on a great, up-and-coming horror writer named Kara Rochelle!

Here’s a bit about this dark lady, and her upcoming novel Wicked Grin, in her own words:

“I’m a 21-year-old college student in Southern Illinois, US, attending Shawnee Community College. I have a lifelong love of horror, whether it be books, movies, or music. Wicked Grin is my response to Twilight, sort of in revenge for how it “pussified” my favorite monster, the vampire. Besides that, the inspiration behind it is a combination of a book by Gregory Lamberson called Johnny Gruesome, the cult classic movie The Lost Boys, and the vampire-themed rock album Back In Blood by my favorite band The 69 Eyes. If I had to sum up Wicked Grin in a few words: Sex, blood, and rock n’ roll.”

Well for us she ticks all the right boxes for a great horror writer. I can also confirm that Wicked Grin looks awesome! I was fortunate enough to read the first half of the novel a while ago and to be honest I wish I didn’t. When I finished I NEEDED more. I had to know how it ended. I had to know the fates of the characters. I just needed MORE! And could I have it? No, because it hadn’t been written yet!

Take it from me readers – This is one of the best vampire novels I’ve read since I started working at Erebus Horror – Maybe even EVER! I don’t know yet. But what I do know is that when this book is published, I’m going to urge every single vampire-lover I know to go out and buy it. It will be the wisest investment you’ve made in a long time.

Keep an eye on Kara’s progress by visiting her blog here

Reviewed by Siobhan


Klagger is a short film directed and written by Casey Crow. The film opens with an average guy working his average job on an average day. He arrives at an abandoned factory and he soon learns it had been shut down because a worker died there. If you can’t figure out where this is going, please exit and view the short film for yourself through the Popcorn Horror app.


As for the rest of you, I know what you’re thinking, but really it is a great film! When I’m watching a horror movie that is extremely suspenseful I practically lose my mind when the director has made the call for a random, slightly-creepy-but-wasn’t-created-to-be-creepy song to start playing, while this poor soul thought they were all alone (i.e. The Strangers, which is one of my all time favorites if you were wondering). It never gets old for me. Before you know it you finally see the factory worker that has been terrorizing and killing souls that regretfully entered his crypt. Average guy tries to escape dead guy and then yadda yadda yadda you can figure out the rest for yourselves.


I really liked this film, but the only thing I didn’t care for was the villain. Don’t get me wrong, I thought he was ugly as sin and scary as fuck, but there was just something about him I wished was different. I’m not sure what I was expecting a burned factory worker to look like. I blame Freddy for forcing me to have preconceived notions. But aside from that, I give the director a scorched, oozing high five and a half.




Reviewed by Richard

We haven’t written about Bill Oberst Jr. in a while, so when we received the following news release I was compelled to feature it just so you guys can keep up to date with our favourite indie actor’s achievements.

Here it is!

Children Of Sorrow Wins Again; Oberst Kills Again

(Nov 21, 2012) Director Jourdan McClure‘s Children Of Sorrow has won the top prize at Hollywood’s Shockfest Film Festival. The found-footage horror feature about a desert cult received The Shocker Award following its Los Angeles premiere at Shockfest.

Bill Oberst Jr. won the Best Actor Award for his role as cult leader Simon Leach in a surprise win over better-known nominees Tom Sizemore and Joe Esteves, brother of actor Martin Sheen. The Shockfest awards, in the form of ghoulish decapitated zombie heads created by make-up artist Shaun Martin, were awarded in a midnight ceremony in Hollywood at historic Raleigh Studios.

It’s the second time in a row that Children Of Sorrow has had multiple wins at a festival. McClure’s movie won Best Feature and Best Acting awards in it’s first showing at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival last month. For Bill Oberst Jr. the Best Actor win is his third major award of 2012, following a Daytime Emmy Award for Facebook’s Take This Lollipop and the Golden Cobb Award for Best Rising B-Movie Actor.

In the film’s first published review, film critic Mike Thomas gives Children Of Sorrow 5 stars, calling it “a study in true horror.” McClure says that Children Of Sorrow will continue to make the festival rounds with an eye towards a 2013 release date. The film’s trailer is at

Children Of Sorrow brings Oberst’s onscreen death count to 75, by methods ranging from cannibalism in 2009’s Dismal to a fireman’s axe in the just-wrapped horror feature Ditch, now in post for a 2013 release.


As you can see Bill is constantly going from strength to strength. I remember when we made him our King of Horror back in March. One of the many reasons we came to the decision was because we could see him going far in the world of horror. This is just one of many examples of how he is constantly rising in fame, and finally getting the credit he deserves.

Reviewed by Siobhan

Hey, remember the time that guy in Miami, Florida went crazy and ate some dudes face? The news said that it was because he was high on bath salts. Literally, that day I ran home and packed my “Shits About To Go Down” bag, which included a big ass knife, a roll of toilet paper, a can of corn, a can of chili, and some 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner (the apocalypse is no excuse for bad hair). Okay, my bag sucked I’ll admit it, but I’m working on it. I haven’t heard much about bath salts, until this very moment. Music Video Distributors is releasing a movie sometime in February titled “Bath Salt Zombies”. It looks hilariously cheesy and super bloody. I don’t know how one would do bath salts, but apparently in this movie if you get a bad batch of the stuff you turn into a zombie. As if people getting high off of them isn’t hilarious enough, now the low point of your high you turn into a zombie?! Fan-fucking-tastic. Apparently, the soundtrack to the movie is supposed to be even better with tracks from The Meatmen and The Dwarves, among many others. It has humor, zombies, and a badass punk soundtrack to it. It’s like all my favorite things were wrapped up nicely and tied with a big, red bow labeled For Siobhan. Is anyone else excited?

Reviewed by Richard

Shady Palms has been sat on my ever-growing ‘to-do’ pile for quite a while now. Whilst trying to get settled in our beautifully dreary office space with the dripping pipes, broken windows and ever-present stench of decay, I’ve managed to collect quite a large pile of books that I intend to review. I’m sorry to say that Shady Palms was amongst this pile just waiting to be read. So imagined how much I was kicking myself when I realised just how awesome it is!

When I started the book the first thing I noticed was the foreign names and the foreign references. For all the readers that don’t know me that well, I have two mind sets that I establish when reading books. One is the lazy mind-set, where I just sit back and allow the author to spoon-feed me their story (this usually applies to straight-forward horror novels that are set in the US/UK with simple words and basic plot) my other mind-set is adopted when a book is more complex. For example if the novel is riddled with words exceeding four to five syllables, set in a country I’ve never been to, adopting words/phrases I’m unfamiliar with and/or complex twists that need you to pay attention to, then I need to be alert and focused.

At the time we were still in the process of setting up our new HQ which we have aptly named ‘Erebus Horror House’ (original right?) so when I saw these strange, new words and names my brain really couldn’t comprehend it at that time, so the book was shelved until we got set up. Well now we are up and running and I have since read the book in its entirety. All I can say is – What a story!

I was mistaken thinking that I would have to really concentrate on keeping up with the book. Once I was immersed into the perfectly described setting, story, dialogue and character development, I found it very hard to leave! There’s something about the author’s style of writing that is really compelling. His portrayal of the bizarre, and the gritty, perverted nature of some aspects of the book, really help to keep the pages turning. I’m not going to give away any spoilers, but in an ordinary world some of the issues raised in the book would be enough to turn you away. But in Shady Palms, it is almost enticing! Unpredictable twists, fast-paced action and an intense story-line make this book a great page-turner that you will struggle to put down. Allen Dusk is definitely an author to keep an eye on.

So here’s a bit more about the book:

“A sleazy motel, burrowed on the edge of town, is haunted by rumors of dead hookers found between mattresses and peep holes drilled through walls. When Special Agent Daniels targets the motel during an investigation, the nefarious owner, Sanjay, must scramble to conceal evidence of his own dark deeds. Just when he believes things can’t get any worse, motel guests begin to vanish without a trace. Can Sanjay discover the truth behind the phenomena threatening his motel before the Feds get suspicious, or does he risk exposing his own sordid enterprises to seek help from the outside? Why don’t you book a room for the night and find out? At these bargain rates you’ll be lucky if you only find dirty sheets and a few skeletons in the closet. Welcome to the Shady Palms Motel. Check out is at 11, if you live that long…”

See. Even that description alone should have told me that this was an excellent book, but for some reason I was oblivious!

If you would like to find out about the author and links to purchase this book and more, visit his website here

Although I warn you – If you have a tendency to stay at motels then you may want to stay clear of Shady Palms… if not you’ll be sleeping with one eye open for sure!