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Finally something set in stone, and something I’m very excited about.

This Halloween will see the birth of our annual Horror Awards! The theme will be similar to most awards evenings, with nominations for a number of categories including best actor, best director, best author, best band – All sorts!

And who decides the winner?          YOU DO

In the preceding months, everyone will be given the chance to nominate up to five things for each category (on a top 5 basis) Once the top five people/films/books etc have been established, we will announce the nominees at the beginning of October. Everyone can then vote for their favourite and the result will be revealed on Halloween night. There will be measures in place to limit one vote per person to prevent fixing.

Each award will be given out based on the number of votes for that person.

That’s all I can say on the topic at the minute, but this is something that is DEFINITELY going to happen.

More info will be revealed a bit closer to the time.

As for the three options mentioned in a previous post, we are still in talks about which route to pursue and will let you know as soon as a decision is made.

It’s definitely a very exciting year!

Today we review another horror short called Burn.

A while back, I said I don’t favour horror shorts as quite often they are made with very basic camera equipment, average acting and basic plot. But since then my perceptive has changed. One of the reasons I enjoy watching short films is that they can tell you so much in such a small space of time. Now five minutes isn’t really a long time, but Burn practically gives you a full story. True it’s open to interpretation, and I like that.

The movie opens with a guy (Tim Abell) and his captive. Abell is discussing survival techniques with his bloodied victim who is bound and held in a certain way (Not going to give it away, but let’s just say it’s unpleasant)

Before long, the victim is given a choice between two equally barbaric acts of torture. One would see him die, the other will (presumably) see him live… Just in a very poor state.

Burn is a gripping, horror short that creates a tense atmosphere from the start which continues to build until the satisfying climax at the end. The acting is spot on and I can’t find any flaw in it. This is without doubt another great example of the film-making talent that is out there. All Jerry Pyle needs is a larger budget and we’d all be in for treat. Hollywood needs to start looking at these guys instead of paying big-shot directors to remake flicks or produce rubbish sequels. If they would just open their eyes, and take a chance on these great independent film-makers, cinema would be so much better.

The film will be played at The Seattle True Independent Film Festival (STIFF) on May 4th up until May 12th.

Further details can be found here

Let’s support this project so that we may see more from Jerry Pyle and co. real soon!


Our latest review comes in the form of a horror short by Peter Dukes. The Beast is a werewolf movie about a father’s internal struggle with his boy’s affliction. So what makes it stand out? Well for a start the movie stars our King of Horror – Bill Oberst Jr! If that wasn’t enough to make you jump at the opportunity, there’s more…

It has a great soundtrack, brilliant acting (obviously…) and builds great suspense in such a short space of time. Now there are a few downfalls which is primarily due to their lack of budget. But seeing as they shot this all in one day, they have got to be commended for that!

Now ordinarily we show a trailer for you to make up your own minds as to whether you want to go and buy it. But not today…

Today we show you the FULL movie as it’s free to watch by anyone! Check it out and then spread the word to your friends. Independent film-makers need you more than anything else.

Hope you enjoy


If you want to find out more about Peter Dukes or his company, visit the links below!/pages/Dream-Seekers-Productions/172920942773026