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Attention horror fans.

I’m sorry to say that there will be a delay in Radio Horror being broadcast. We have recorded the show without a hitch, but as we are using basic equipment it is taking hours to publish and we haven’t even tried uploading it yet!

I’m afraid we are going to have to reschedule the publication of the show to a new time of 11pm (GMT) on the 1st of November. In other words 24 hours from now

We’re deeply sorry that we were unable to publish the show tonight. We’ll be sure never to use a certain shipping service again! But on the positive side, it’s like we get to re-live Halloween again tomorrow night!

Be sure to tune in as it is a special show – We feature tracks from Nightporter, Dick Blake, Never A Hero, Machination and Hells Belles. We also covered a variety of horror topics which I’m sure will entertain as well as inform the majority of you.

Thanks for the support and understanding


Just a minor error that needs clearing up (evidence of my poor maths skills)

As it is VERY unlikely there will be an deliveries on a Sunday, it turns out we should get our equipment delivered on HALLOWEEN!

Cutting it very close, but then again it will be fun to record on such a great time of year (Just hope we can get it all recorded and set up to be published on the same night)

We’re still aiming for the 11pm slot so keep telling everyone you know to tune in. If the time/day changes for any reason you’ll be the first to know.

Please also note that the show will be available to watch anytime after Halloween, as we are aware 11pm is the ideal witching hour! 



Well the  tracks have been selected, the content organised and now all we need is the equipment and we can get recording!

All the gear was ordered two weeks ago so we should be expecting delivery any day now! (Fingers crossed right?)

You can hear the show before anyone else, exclusively, on Erebus Horror. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell everyone to tune in at 11pm as we do an hour countdown to midnight; playing awesome tracks, discussing a range of topics and much more!

Radio Horror’s future depends on YOU. We need at least 500 listeners in order to make this a regular thing so make sure you tell everyone you know to tune in!

I may not have a voice for radio (in fact I’ve been compared to a common, northern chav! (aka. hoodlum, thug, all round asshole – for our international followers)) But hopefully you will overlook my unfortunate dialect and focus on the content brought for your ears only.

Not much else to say really, except that I hope you enjoy the show and offer us as much feedback as possible in order for us to make it the best it can be.



After months of planning and speculation, I have finally put the wheels in motion to launch Radio Horror.

Right now I want to hear from anyone with a link to horror. Bands who have horror themed music (songs about Halloween, dead people, ghosts, goblins whatever) Horror authors/ film-makers who want to publicize their work etc or any companies that would like a bit of free advertising (Limited time only)

I’m in the middle of putting the show together now so any ideas are welcome.