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I almost experienced a mental breakdown deciding which book I should review first; do I start with a classic like a Bram Stoker or Stephen King novel? Or do I search for a book which not many people have heard about. I decided on the latter and very happy I did so.

‘Origins’ is the first in the Demonkin series of books by author Sean Hayden.  The story follows Ashlyn; a teenage vampire who has spent her entire life sheltered in the confines of her aunt’s home. Her only insight into the outside world is what she has picked up from the internet or TV. When her aunt is killed however, Ashlyn’s world is turned upside down. Forced to flee the sanctuary of the house, the young vampire’s adventure takes her right across the country; from seedy vampire clubs in Chicago to FBI training facilities in Virginia. Hayden’s character development is great throughout the novel and keeps the reader intrigued as Ashlyn learns the extent of her supernatural traits. The introduction of other species including were-animals and elves work well with the running of the story, without taking away the impact of Ashlyn’s own abilities.

Overall, the story has great content, imaginative characters with a strong lead. It’s an action packed, supernatural tale with light-hearted humour and deep storyline that will keep the reader enticed till the very end. Hayden’s writing style is one of a kind and I’m definitely going to look out for the sequel to this great novel. 

Sean Hayden is without a doubt The Daddy of Demonology!

Check out: for more information about purchasing the book. You won’t be disappointed.