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As mentioned in the ‘About’ section I have written many horror books in my time and I’m constantly working on others. My portfolio consists of two full length novels, five short stories, 2 poems and a screenplay with over a hundred projects at different stages of development.

I will post some of my work on here soon so my fellow horror enthusiasts can rip it apart or lap it up.

Keep checking back for updates – It might help to send a quick message which will serve as a kick up the arse to get things in motion (once I start on something else I lose track of my previous endeavours)


Erebus Horror is a growing organisation made up of horror fanatics. We strive to create awareness of upcoming horror writers, unknown film-makers, struggling artists and lesser known musicians. If anyone within our horror community needs help – We’re there!

If you’re involved in the horror genre in anyway, get in touch! We can post reviews of your work, offer feedback and help in any way we can – FREE OF CHARGE! Our reward is the satisfaction of helping get another horror project off the ground.

Hope you enjoy the site.